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Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup 2024

The Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup initiative is an effort that has grown from a District 7090 service project covering a small portion of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie to a multi-District plan to focus Rotarians’ attention on all five of the Great Lakes and the streams and waterways feeding them.  Our goal every year is to make this the single largest cleanup event ever planned, coinciding with Earth Day (April 22).
The Great Lakes contains almost 20% of the world’s fresh water and is arguably the largest source of fresh water on the planet. 
It borders eight states and two provinces and has 9,577 miles (15,323 kilometers) of shoreline. 
So far, 15 Districts, 100’s of Clubs, and thousands of Rotary volunteers have agreed to participate. 
We will be joining over one billion people worldwide working on projects together in their communities on Earth Day.
We urge all Clubs, Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, and friends, to plan and organize an event to take place on or around April 2.
Support will be available to each Club to help to organize the event.
Correspond with the District contacts to provide cleanup event date(s), location, and lead contact person for each event.
Frank Adamson (, PDG (Fonthill)
Dave Alexander (, DGE (Welland)
District Governor Nominee, District 7090
CLICK HERE to see the entire story, with Rotary/Rotaract Objectives and Ideas.
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Walk A Mile In Rotary Shoes

The Rotary Club of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is holding an Open House on August 28, 2023 from 5:00p.m. - 8:00p.m. at the Frank Lloyd Wright Fontana Boathouse.  Come see what Rotary means to us.
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Rotary Row Clean Up - Saturday, September 17th

Rotarians & Friends,
Please join us for a Rotary Row Clean Up event on Saturday, September 17th at 10:00am to noon for a quick clean up of our trail section.
Please bring the following:
5 Gallon bucket
Walking/hiking shoes
This will not be as in-depth as the work we did in the spring. We will stick to picking up any garbage, trash or foreign debris on our Rotary Row section from Porter to Niagara Street.
Please dress for the potential for inclement weather. If you can stay the entire time that would be great. If not, an hour is also fantastic too. We should have some West Side Rowing Club friends also helping out.
Lastly, we have pick up grabber tools for those who have trouble bending to ease that potential burden.
Hope to see you there.
Thank you to Bryan Bonn our host for this event. He is always working hard to help us maintain our section of the trail!
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Rotary BNMC’s Blood Drive via ConnectLife

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We believe access to good health care is everyone’s right. Our effort starts with the most important sustaining life item we can give - blood.
Members of our own club have a deep connection to the mission.
“As a platelet donor, I’ve had the honor of meeting two recipients whose lives I helped save, thanks to ConnectLife keeping donations local. Buffalo is truly the City of Good Neighbors through connections like my experience.”
- Rebecca Nason, Kevin Guest House
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Great Lakes & Watershed Green Way Cleanup

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The Rotary Club of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus met at West Side Rowing Club (WSRC) parking lot just off Rotary Row at 10:00AM. Our section of trail is from Porter Avenue to Hampshire and Niagara Streets. 
The scope of our Saturday morning work consisted of picking up garbage & debris, sweeping/clearing organic debris off of the paved trail, and extraction of weeds and invasive species.
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Rotarians Support the Bihari Relief Fund

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The Bihari Relief Fund and help more than 250,000 Bihari's who are still living in refugee camps and in poverty. If you would like to make a donation please contact, BNMC Rotarian, Dr. David Johnson at 716-432-9495. 
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